Let’s Do This VP Debate, America!

I’m so excited for tonight that I’ve been running up and down the steps to the bonus room trying to get some exercise.  Saying to myself:   “Let’s go, Candice. Cory Booker’s not going to marry a fat woman.”

Yet, I went and got me and the cat hot dogs for supper right after. What sense does that make?  We’re just so excited to watch the debate, though.

Tim Kaine  is going to donkey punch Governor Pence. Let’s take a look at why.

On top of the discriminatory legislation passed allowing people in Indiana to refuse service to gay people, Governor Pence also signed into law legislation making it illegal for any woman to not seek crematory or burial service for any expelled fetus. Meaning, yes,  if you miscarry at 6 or 8 weeks at home — and you may not even know that you have  miscarried  or that you were even pregnant — it became illegal in the state of Indiana for you not to call the equivalent of Taylor funeral home for a burial or cremation for your fertilized egg.

Now,  if that sounds absurd and like any insane violation of privacy, and almost comedically ridiculous — that’s because it was. So of course it was struck down on appeal by federal courts that  govern Indiana.  This was even met with anger and backlash from Republican women and extremist  of the the “life begins at conception” movement because women expel fertilized eggs on a regular basis. Plus, the percentage of women who miscarry in the first trimester is insanely high. By Indiana Law, if you didn’t have a burial or a cremation for that miscarriage — including ones that you might not have even been aware that you had — you were in violation of the laws of that state. Yes, making you a  criminal in the state of Indiana. Which is how “periods for Pence” was born. Google it.

That is how Mike Pence governs.

At the same time you have Mike Pence signing legislation to protect hate and to discriminate against gay individuals,  Tim Kaine used his ivy league degree to fight for the civil rights of everyone as a lawyer. Just like his wife and her Republican family — who are excellent champions  of the  civil rights movement. 

When I was young, naive,  and still, like, you know… in high school, I believed that those who love the law prosecute people who break it. As I grew up and entered the real world, I realized that those who love the law, defend the rights of our weakest  citizens. Because Americans are wrongfully accused and convicted everyday in this country — you’re ridiculously green if you believe otherwise — and they are generally the poorest among us and the disenfranchised.

Tim Kaine knows this. That’s why he worked as a criminal defense attorney for those who needed it the most.  Ensuring prosecutors try them within the letter of the law, as constitutionally demanded. Although the Republican establishment are now using attack ads to try to spin that as a “deplorable” use of legal gifts.

Tim Kaine also took a year off from Harvard Law to travel to Honduras, teaching vocational skills like welding to people in the poorest of countries so they can make a living for themselves and their families.  A Christian who is pro-life himself,  he doesn’t believe that the government has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body — even though  he is against abortion personally. As a Christian, he is staunchly against the death penalty but allowed  executions on his watch as Governor although they have upset him tremendously  (to  hear his staffers tell it). He has spent his life as a living example of what Christ would want. Instead of just talking about it,  Tim Kaine is  the real deal. While Governor Pence seems nice and intelligent on the surface, dig deeper and it’s reveled, painfully, that he’s  a whack job.

Of course, one would have to be to agree to go on a ticket with  Donald Trump.

So me and Chipper are so excited —  it’s almost like Joe Biden and Paul Ryan all over again.  It’s going to be an ass kicking, donkey style. Get ready, political people!


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