The Cure For Emotional Manipulators and Abuse? Blast It!

I decided a long time ago that I have limited capacity of tolerance for those people that talk and treat people a certain way when they think no one is looking — especially people that have been good to them — then put on “I’m so kind and innocent”  airs when they are. The worst thing you can do to people like that is expose them. Then, they lose their power. Because they are all about appearances.

I live life as me — unscripted, flaws and all. I’ve taken a lot from life and I’m still here. I’m stronger than my critics and indebted to my supporters. One thing I will never do  is hide my truth to lie for you. Remember that.

I’m convinced that if local papers started running the names of who cheats on their spouse, who borrows money from their family and then treats them like shit, who is a self-absorbed asshole when nobody’s looking instead of the names of people that get arrested for no driver’s license, some of these two-faced, conniving gossip- filled faux concerned citizens would start acting a little better.

People get mad over the things I write, but they should hear all the words I keep to myself. If people don’t like what I post on Facebook, they damn sure won’t like the memoir when it comes out.


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