P***y And Politics: Election 2016

Did you ever think you’d see a time where the p-word had a place in presidential politics? I have the mouth of a  Soprano, but I can’t get on Twitter in the past two days without seeing p***y all over my timeline. That word is just heinously vulgar when it’s used in reference to a female’s anatomy. Even to someone who swears like me.

And now, thanks to Donald Trump, it’s mainstream news. We’ve got Scott Pelley talking about “grabbing women” in their private parts. He’s already brought the size of his genitalia into a presidential debate. Alluded to the menstrual cycle of a woman who wouldn’t cower to him on national television. And called a woman who wanted to pump breast milk “disgusting.”

This man is a stain on humanity, an embarrassment to anyone who reads above a third grade level, and  the most unprepared,
ill-equipped, tempermentally unfit candidate to ever seek election to our nation’s highest office in our collective history as a people. He’s vile. He’s narcissistic. He’s willfully ignorant and insanely proud of that ignorance.  His morals are non-existent and his business ethics are beyond questionable, they’re borderline criminal. He’s now got supporters defending sexual assault as “locker room banter” and, strangely enough, these supporters are  some of the same ones that identify as Evangelical. Can you tell me which biblical principle it is Donald Trump personifies? 

Because I’m pretty sure Jesus never said, “Grab them in the p***y.”

Maybe that was Moses, my bad.

* eye roll *

Wake the hell up, America. If you still support Donald Trump at this point, particularly if you do so and call yourself a Christian, you’re going to have to accept that one day you’re going to look back on this time and someone will ask you where were you when ‘George Wallace, The Remix’ was running for office and trying to divide the nation and isolate us from our allies, and you’ll have to explain that you had a sign for him in your front yard.

And that’s all on you.


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