This May Sting A Little, Trump Supporters

It’s totally not hard to see how there’s so much distrust, division and misinformation
in this country.

You read the headlines of various news media:  ‘Donald Trump, Barbarian at debate’;  ‘Donald Trump Not Defended By Paul Ryan’;  ‘Donald Trump Wanted To Put Bill Clinton’s Accusers in Family Box But Debate Commission Said No’;  ‘Donald Trump Lies More Than Usual At Presidential Debate.’

You look at Breitbart, RedState, The Daily Caller, all of these right-wing spin-off news site and the headlines read:  “Debate Win Propels Donald Trump Towards White House.”

Give me a break. What debate were you watching?  If you didn’t hear Bob Schieffer go the hell off after the debate yesterday, you missed the best part of it. At almost 80, he’s still the dang man. I don’t know who I love more: Dan Rather, Bob Schieffer, Tom Brokaw. Even Ted Koppel. I read them all.  They’re a throwback to time when journalists actually had integrity and did their job — on air. And were very willing to pay the price for it — Dan Rather.

Bob Schieffer made clear that what we witnessed on that debate stage last night was embarrassing to our nation.  If you saw anything else, you are Trump supporter to begin with and you baffle the hell out of the rest of us. I’m going to assume that you Trump supporters never had to write a research paper in your life.  So let me tell you how it works:  you need three sources before you  assign anything credibility. It’s not a “fact” unless it’s verified by three reputable sources. Look it up once, look it up twice, you look it up three times from credible contributions before you believe anything as certain.  If you don’t believe “the mainstream media” — which is a term the alt-right has given to any respectable journalistic publications — there’s lots of journalistic sources to choose from. Any state, any city, any paper!

You don’t trust CBS, ABC, NBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, or The Los Angeles Times?  Ok, go local and smaller.  The Boston Globe, The St Louis Post Dispatch, The New Orleans Gazette, The Kansas City Star. If you truly believe that they are all in on the “bias” because they’re owned by parent companies like Gannett, try local reporting.

Not every paper from every city across America is in on the conspiracy to lie to you for Clinton. If you still distrust those sources, you’ve got NPR and PBS. National Public Radio and Public Broadcast System. Of course, I’ve even heard the accusations that publicly owned reporting stations are “slanted left.”  Yes, because they’re fact oriented and facts slant left! As Stephen Colbert once, ironically, very truthfully said:  “Yes, the media has a liberal bias; truth has a liberal bias.” 

If you still distrust our country so much — I’m a little unsure about why you’re still living in it — you can go to Australia. You can go to London. The BBC is always there for you. Try Canada.  For example, the Toronto Star. (Whose headline this this morning, by the way, is ‘Donald Trump makes 33 false claims at the second debate.’) But I’m sure Toronto was in on the scheme to lie to you for Clinton, as well. * giggles * With the exception of the botched sports reporting on Manning,  Al Jazeera is a prize-winning publication. If you truly believe that the only people that tell the truth are Fox News and right-wing purchased websites that tell you that the news media is lying to you — Wow! You’ve been brainwashed to such a degree that you need psych eval. If you truly believe everybody across the world is lying to you but, congratulations on being warped.

Also, about those “accusers.”  Let me debunk those, as well. Like Juanita Broaddrick, who signed a sworn affidavit saying no sexual assault ever took place,  and then later decided to take that back and accuse Bill Clinton — going against her own sworn affidavit under perjury penalty — when the opportunity was presented to her in the form of a potential financial gain. Or Paula Jones — who roughly 78% of the country believed was lying when polled during the impeachment process. 78%. When did 78% of the country ever agree on anything? Other than the fact that this woman, a registered Republican, claimed on camera in a widely viewed interview that she wasn’t a political opportunist, didn’t engage in voting, and knows nothing about politics. Except that she voted for George H W Bush, had Republican connections, and got exactly what she was after — a financial settlement and a free nose job.

Or the woman who was tragically raped at 12 years old and claims that Hillary Clinton represented the man that assaulted her and “laughed” about it. Not quite.  Yes, Hillary was teaching law school and running the Legal Aid Clinic and she was court appointed to defend this man. She asked to withdraw from the case and the judge wouldn’t allow her.  She negotiated a plea deal which he pled guilty to.  That’s called law!  Even heinous people deserve a defense in this country — it’s the Constitution!

When Hillary rattled off her list of accomplishments in the last 30 years, she sounded like she was reading from my blog post last week. You may disagree with me. You may call me a Godless liberal Democrat. You may tell me I’m going to burn in hell. You may tell me I’m a hypocrite. I’ve heard it all over the last 8 years. But don’t you ever tell me I don’t know my stuff.

I know two things: politics and sports.  And I can tell you this much. Tennessee was down five starters, fumbled 7 times and still almost won on the road. We’re a darn good football team. And Donald Trump and his self-appointed “Captain Black Outreach” ass —  who clearly believes that all black people reside in inner cities and have “no jobs” from the way he pivots every question from an African-American to inner cities like he doen’t know black people reside in other places as well — is a nausea-inducing embarrassment to our nation who not only doesn’t know that Obamacare isn’t health insurance, that Russia isn’t fighting ISIS, or that Aleppo is still rebel-held and hasn’t yet “fell,” but he thinks he knows more than the collective minds currently heading the United States military.

That statement alone makes me want to throw up all over the place. As it should anyone who has respect for the United States military. A man with 3 medical deferments for a boo-boo on his foot to avoid service to his nation, insulting men who are medaled from chest to waste defending our lives and our freedoms every day for years. 

It’s a sickness, Trump enthusiasts. A sickness.


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