Make America Great Again — Stop Charging For Ice Water!

Dunkin Donuts charges $0.50 for a cup of ice water. That bugs the tar out of me. Since the day you’ve opened, me and about ten elderly couples come there everyday. Every day. For years. The same handful. And you charge $0.50 for a cup of ice water with my coffee when I ask for it? The employees that know me don’t charge for it, but the others do telling me it’s protocol. Still, I’ve been drinking a cup of ice water since I was in Jr High and people thought I was weird for not getting Coke. Now…is Burger King here in town the only place that gives you a cup of water with your meal? Without profiting off of it? That’s because, like Sonic, it’s a privately owned franchise. Burger King gives you a small cup of ice water for free and at Sonic, it’s like,  $0.22 and you get an extra large Styrofoam cup with the good ice for days. Because they just charge you for the cup!

Since I blame everything on Donald Trump, I will this! You want to “make America great again” let’s get rid of what’s wrong with it.  This:  America is all about profits over people. What happened to Mom and Pops?  What happened to taking care of your customers? What happened to the Kent Allsup behind every counter?  What happened to giving somebody a cup of water with their coffee when they get coffee from you every day for near 10 years?! I’ll tell you what happened — multi-millionaires and corporations. Where you refuse to pay your employees more than $7 an hour while your CEOs take-home multimillion-dollar incentives and bonus packages. On top of that lucrative salary.

Greed — that’s what’s wrong with America. You want to “Make America Great Again!” you could start by eliminating some of that. And I can’t think of anybody that embodies it more than a man like Donald Trump. How are you going to fix our nation, Donald Trump, when you’re a picture portrait of what’s wrong with it?

If we want to restore America to its “glory days,” you could start by rolling us back to a time when people were more important than money and gluttonous profit.


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