They say that you should set your goals so high that unless God shows up to help you, you’ll be a miserable failure. 

God, I need a sign. I need a sign that you’re there, that you see me, that you’ve been there all along. You know how tired I’ve been, how worn down I’ve been,  you know how much I’ve been carrying. I need to know that you’re right there by my side, saying that it’s okay to stand up for yourself. It’s okay to refuse to let anybody treat you like you’re nothing. It’s ok to refuse to be a victim one more day. To say, I might not have a choice when I was younger, but I have a choice now. And to refuse to live one more day letting anyone — be it a relationship or friendship — make me feel like I’m less than. That it’s okay to speak out, to use whatever tools I have to make it through this crazy thing called life. While everybody else is calling me names and calling me crazy, with your help and some really good friends along the way, it’s been a decade since I’ve had a drink and that’s more than I can say for the people calling me crazy.  I need to know that you’ve never left my side, that you believe in me. That you believe I have a right to stand up for myself, to not be silent, to not suffer and just take it, but to use my tools to become a better me — a stronger me. Regardless of who likes it.

I need a sign. And I need that sign to be Tennessee beating Alabama. I’m putting that out there so that if it doesn’t happen — I look like a dang fool.

I’m going to trust in you to make it come through.

Tennessee is going to beat Alabama.

They’re going to win this game.  They’re going to win it for me. This season is for me. This team is for me. And for all the mes just like me all over the state. I believe in Josh Dobbs. I believe in J alen Hurd. And I believe in my Tennessee Vols.

Let’s have some of that Tennessee Magic, 4th quarter, boys. I believe!! I never stopped.

Now make that declaration come true, Vols!


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