Cultural Assimilation Is Real, Y’all.

I was in town with my windows down because my air is out and
it won’t stop being 90 degrees.  And I hear this thumping and bumping of, very distinctly, hip-hop music. I look over and it’s a Hickman County white girl driving an older white Chevy truck with George W Bush stickers all over it. Now, I’m the biggest liberal feminist you’ll likely find in these parts and I don’t listen to anything to Dolly Parton and Miranda Lambert. I find the language that is used towards women in hip hop music insulting. It’s the same reason I’m aggravated with the.Bro country — the degradation of women and their portrayal as lesser beings. Until we get to the day where men are not disappointed by the possibility of having daughters, we still have  ways to go. And these female come lately conservatives that further the fabrication that you can’t be a “feminist” and feminine, can thank women like me later when we get to that time. There may be some genres of music where you talk to women like that,  but in mine, we feed you black eyed peas and go for a ride.

This is all further proof of the truth behind cultural assimilation. White boys running around wearing the jersey of black men with Trump stickers on their car or the girl whose daddy tells her she can’t be anything other than Republican, pulls up red light, windows jumping to Drake.
Why is it okay for you to appreciate black culture, but not black lives?

Why is it okay for you to respect the athletic contributions of peole of color but then bend your brain beyond what any reasonable person would searching for a reason why a black man had to get shot?  Saying things like, “Well, he shouldn’t have ran though…” like your white ass did didn’t run from the lawevery time the blue lights showed up at a country keg party. 

I know, I was there. Remember?

Running around with a Confederate flag flying off your truck and a Roll Tide! sticker like the tide isn’t rolling on the backs of black man while you’re simultaneously supporting the cause of those who went to war to keep owning people of color is still — regardless of how often I see it —  nauseating.

I will never get used to this ridiculousness, white people.

And in his defense, George W Bush and.the Bush family doesn’t have a racist cell in their genetic makeup. They are upstanding, honorable, good-hearted people who I just happen to disagree with.

Stop stealing black people’s contributions, Trump voters, if you’re going to continue to see black lives as so gosh damn disposable.


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