Is this the end of the world as we know it? Because I don’t feel fine.

You know, I’m not a fear monger. I’m a “Honey, it’s going to be ok!” when the check engine light’s on, the muffler’s dragging, and you’ve got $2 worth of gas and 257 miles to go.  I am an optimist until it kills me. If there’s a ray of sunshine to be found, I can find it.  It’s all about the choice you make, and  I think that’s a decision you have to make — or maybe it’s a coping mechanism — when you come into this world a little different.   You learn early on that the world will eat you alive unless you choose to embrace it —  and it’s still going to try, then.

This election feels like a bad dream. Just like when you go through a bad break up or you’ve been cheated on, you have moments where you forget and then suddenly, the room starts spinning, you feel like you’ve been punched in the stomach, it becomes harder to breathe — and then it happens.  You remember.

You remember.

Every presidential candidate since Richard Nixon has released his tax returns. It’s unprecedented to not. It’s unprecedented for a presidential candidate to admit that he doesn’t pay taxes — and to state that that makes him “smart.” It’s unprecedented for a presidential candidate — particularly one courting the white Evangelical vote — to have three wives and to admit that he gets away with grabbing women by the p***y.  It’s unprecedented for a presidential candidate to not, at the very minimum, be able to locate the countries in the Middle East on the map. It’s unprecedented for a presidential candidate to claim that he knows more about war than the generals who have spent their lifetimes fighting it.  I’ve been studying radical terrorism for the last decade and I can’t figure it all out.  It’s like comic book allegiance, it’s a deep and intricately complicated bunch of alliances that nobody who isn’t a  guest star on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ really wants to spend their time figuring out.  It’s unprecedented for a presidential candidate to stand on a campaign stage and say that he’s going to shut down the “Department of Environmental” — here’s a tip, that’s not a real thing.  It’s unprecedented for a presidential candidate to begin a campaign talking about ending birthright citizenship like he doesn’t understand that there’s a place in the Constitution for that.  It’s unprecedented for a presidential candidate to be so freaking stupid.

But yet, how stupid was he?  Because he came out and said everything that he thought a certain base of the GOP electorate wanted to hear. And it worked. Like a dream. Even though he’s on tape contradicting himself with just about everything he’s ever said. Even though he proved throughout this campaign, time and time again, that Donald Trump would lie when the truth sounds better. So you have to ask yourself why. Why?

Donald Trump played his voters — played them like a fiddle — and they sang right along.

But, again, you have to ask yourself why? Why!?

Donald Trump doesn’t care about you. Donald Trump didn’t play you to become president because he wants to be a force of nature for good in this world. Anybody with Donald Trump’s money and resources who wanted to do good in this world would have already done it. Donald Trump used ignorance, racism, hate, bigotry, sexism, and fear to gain access to the most powerful position on the planet. You have to ask yourself why that would be. Why would he do that?

I’m afraid the answer to that is Russia. And I’m afraid the depth to the why behind that remains to be seen. My fear is the same one it’s always been.


6,700 is the number of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians. Those are the numbers of lives lost the last time the United States made a disastrous presidential decision.

My lifelong best friend said everything happens for a reason. But sometimes the reason is people are stupid and they make bad choices. Sometimes the reason is that people can be bought, they can be duped, they can be swindled. We have free will in this life. When we go into the voting booth and press the lever, it’s our decision on who we choose. God has nothing to do this, and I can promise you that God did not elect Donald Trump as Commander in Chief of the most powerful fighting forces the world has ever known. We did that. God just didn’t stop us from it.

What God can do, however, is turn anything bad into good. Even ridiculously barbaric and disastrous election results.

The prayer of everyone who prays and believes right now should be  that God helps us do just that.

I’ve been studying the science of politics my entire life and I can tell you, without bitterness, resentment, or reservation,  that I have never been so afraid in my life. I know too much to not be.


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