Having A Brother Isn’t So Bad.

You know… when I was little girl,  if a fairy would would have come with a magic wand,
you would have thought I would have said:  “Can I be tall?”

Or, “Can I have 5 toes?”

(I have six — on one foot. No, not kidding. No, you can’t see them.)

But, no. I would have said, “Can I trade my brother in for a sister?”

But since I’ve been taking care of my Memaw as she’s gotten older, she has 3 daughters, and I’ve kinda realized — sisters aren’t really that great.

They’re kind of a lot of drama. And they usually all think they’re the boss. At least my brother would just, like, punch me in the face or put something high enough  I couldn’t reach it, and we would get on with it when we were kids.  And having a brother is the reason that I can hang with (or beat, actually) just about anybody on Sports Jeopardy — well, anybody but him and my cousin Tracy.

It’s the golf. I don’t know a thing about golf. Or hockey. Or OK, anything really played by white people. And I’d still totally kick anybody in the family’s arse on the real Jeopardy.

I guess having a brother isn’t so bad.

So cheer up, little girls out there wishing you had a sister.  You’ll be glad for like 5 minutes one day when you’re almost 40.

Feel better?

Candice Mathis


Candi is a lifelong reader, writer, Democrat, and kid keeper. She lives in Middle Tennessee and rants coast to coast.