Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Accomplished Anything? You CAN’T Be Serious!

I don’t know who sold these “Make America White Again!” Bubbas the lie that Hillary Clinton “hasn’t accomplished anything” in her entire political career, but I hope they didn’t pay too much for it.

I refuse to do your homework for you, but if you’re seriously interested in a list of Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments, there are books I can recommend.

But since I know that’s too much to ask for most and because I’m feeling generous —  I am a Democrat — I’ll help you out.

Have you heard of the CHIPS program?

After failing to secure Universal Healthcare in the nineties,  Hillary Clinton refused to take no for an answer and still managed to rally the Congress and the Senate to pass the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Which provides insurance to this day for millions of low-income children across the country.  Chances are, Trump lovers, your grandchildren have used this. (You know it.)

Or, my personal favorite, the fact that foster parents in Arkansas can now adopt the children that they’ve come to raise and love. 
That’s Hillary Clinton.

What about the federal adoption Act that was passed in 1997 that protected kids like Sonya McCaul — until hers was overturned on a technicality (you know, because her dad had a friend that committed a double homicide he hadn’t told anybody about and he used that to get out of jail)?  That was a bipartisan effort spearheaded by Hillary Clinton.

Or the Iran agreement that put a lid on Iran’s nuclear armament?  The one that brought both China and Russia to negotiating table. That was Hillary Clinton’s work.

Or maybe the groundbreaking Global agreement on climate change,  celebrated the world over and signed by Barack Obama.  The one that included over 200 Nations? Yeah, that began with Hillary Clinton.

Or maybe you’ve heard about the death of Bin Laden. Hillary was part of the “go” consensus on that operation.

Or the billions of dollars that rebuilt New York after 9/11? It was Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer who secured the funding from Congress for those efforts.

Or the fight — and disgustingly enough, it was one — to organize and pass the First Responders Bill, which takes care of the health of men and women who ran into those burning buildings to take care of New York. That was Hillary Clinton.

Or maybe you’ve heard of that rarity — a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel?

That, too, was negotiated by Hillary Clinton.

Or maybe the fact that juveniles — preteens, now — in South Carolina can no longer be imprisoned with full grown, incarcerated men. Hillary Clinton.

How about Tri-Care? Hmm? The program that provides health insurance for our men and women in Reserve Units and the National Guard. That was Hillary Clinton and Lindsey Graham.

Or how about raising the death benefits for family of those killed in combat from under $15,000 to $100,000? Hillary Clinton.

The overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi without losing a single American life. (And no, the deaths of those at the Benghazi compound, tragic as they may be, were NOT lost in an American led military operation — though they were killed in service to their nation.)

Do we have to continue this? I mean, I could. I’m just getting started. I could go all day. But how about, like Secretary Clinton, let’s negotiate a ceasefire. Because you’re just shooting blanks, boys,  and wasting my time.

Listen, Jethro — you’re dumb.You’re proud of it.  End of tape. And you are just pissed that the black man is going to be succeeded by a girl.

Get over it.

You should be used to having your ass kicked by women who intellectually outweigh you by now. (See above.)


Sorry, not sorry.

Facebook “Friends”:

I’ve had no sleep, three cups of coffee and I’m still so angry I feel like throwing my phone in the creek.  So, here’s what I’ll say before I truly consider it.

I will NOT apologize for being sick and tired of people running my brother down on Facebook.  I’ve put up with this every time and the Concerned Citizens page got really ugly the last time. When I found out so-called friends were allowing a 17-year-old kid to run a gossip group — I reached my damn limit. They call Bill Clinton the “Explainer in Chief.” Just call me the “Secretary of Squashing Stuff.” Everybody always thought I was the nice one — they had that wrong. My brother can be talked down with a chicken leg and a football ticket. I can’t.

Don’t  push me.

I’m done with cyberbullying, cyberstalking, reporting me to Zuckerberg, Facebook abuse, and full-grown chickens.


Listen, Facebook:

If I’ve had to blast your inability to act like an adult with regards to the way you conduct yourself on social media to the entire world, do not inbox me to make nice — it’s too late for that.