Life Taking Care Of A Crazy “Old Lady”

Is that dog butt for a face, Misty Mahan Dantico, still so scarily obsessed with me that she’s sharing my post on group Facebook pages again — or did this one get spammed?


Nurses Are Saints!

You know, I would just like to give a big internet hug to people who work as a nurse, healthcare provider, or those who care for the elderly. You are like firefighters and the overwhelming majority of  policeman who are good — you are everyday heroes. Ones who don’t get the credit they deserve.

I just don’t have the patience for it,  I get so nervous. And I absolutely cannot put eyedrops in somebody’s eye! No way!  Heebie jeebies.

And I get mad. No idea why I get mad. I just do.  I’ll never forget on my graduation just a few days before my uncle died, he gave me a card and he spelled my name wrong on it.  I knew something was wrong because my Uncle Chucky was like me — he despised clerical errors. I looked at, gave it back to him and told him I wasn’t going to accept the check inside until he told me how to spell my name right. He was dead a few days later. I knew when I saw that something was off. I guess that’s why I get so nervous. 

This morning when I popped in to check on my Memaw on my way to get coffee, she was sitting there with the past five months of DirecTV statements and she said, “I’ve been waiting for you to get here, I need you to see how much I owe for this insurance before they cancel it.”

I told her that no, they HAD cacelled her insurance, but I called them and we paid it up for 6 months so they weren’t going to cancel it.

She said: “Well, how much do I owe for this insurance?”

I said, “Memaw, that’s Direct TV.”

She said, “What’s a Direct TV?”

I said, “Your Braves, Memaw!”

What’s a Direct Tv, lol.

You really have to have the patience of Job to care for elderly or sick people. People like our cousins Nuna and Angie are just angels on Earth. And nurses are Saints.

Eye drops? Foot baths? Noooo way.

Even the thought of contacts creep me out. Thank you to all you selfless caregivers and nurses out there. Doctors always get all the praise. You, my friends, are like educators — never get the credit you deserve.