A President Trump Is, And Always Has Been, About Y-O-U.

I got up at the crack of dawn and got my coffee, but it’s entirely too cold for the paint to stick. So I’m kind of stuck. Since painting has caused me to entirely neglect my blogging, I thought I’d take a minute a write more my thoughts over this crazy election. I’m from the old political school like the Clintons, in that Donald Trump is now our preident-elect and it is the obligation of all Americans to work with him. It’s why both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama came out and said as much. That’s politics. And the office of the presidency will have my respect even if the man does not. Because that’s the way politics works and if you knew anything about  them, you would agree instead of having spent the last 8 years calling Barack Obama “not your president” and every name you could think of and verbally assaulting his wife for everything from dancing to her wardrobe choices. But for those same folks — who spent eight years creating the “Thanks, Obama!” meme — to suddenly expect people to respect Donald Trump, a man who is not worthy of anybody’s respect, just because he’s the president is about as self-righteous as it gets. Barack Obama was worthy of respect in every sense of the word and you couldn’t issue it, so it’s a bit hypocritical and condescending to suddenly turn around and say we’re supposed to respect a man who claims he can get away with grabbing women by the privates because he’s rich.

Look at it like this — while I hope your children are “perfect” and healthy, let’s say they’re not.  Let’s say they are born with a cleft palate or a heart defect or they have seizures or they suffer cancer. Now imagine Hillary Clinton stood on a presidential campaign stage and mocked that —  then tell me how you would feel if she was suddenly elected president of the United States and the same people that struggled with the very definition for 8 years, sudenly said — “Hey, you gotta respect her, she’s the president!”

No, as an American it’s my duty to respect the office of the presidency even if the GOP has spent the last eight years not doing the same thing. It’s not my duty to have respect for him as a man and I never will.

This is not normal election and Donald Trump is not a normal person or a normal president elect. And I want you Trump supporters to stop pretending that this is a victory for America. This is a victory for you.

This is a victory for you, Mr. I drink Margaritas at the Camino weekly, who wants to build a wall around Mexico (which is never going to happen for many reasons — but mostly, geography and international treaties that restricts such).  This is  victory for you, Mr White Man who can only feel superior about yourself when you’re believing that, no matter how low, at least you’re better than brown man. This is a victory for you, Mr So-called Christian, who hates gay people and don’t think that they should be constitutionally given the same rights that you are even though the Supreme Court has ruled otherwise. This is for you Mr.  Likes to Grab Women by the p*ssy and get away with it.  This is for you Mr. Country Guy that used to run from the law when the blue lights showed up at a keg party but say every time an unarmed man is gunned down 16 times by law enforcement and he happens to be black that “he shouldn’t have ran, though.”  Don’t,  for even a second, go on pretending in your delusion that this is a victory for America. This is about how Donald Trump  made you feel while the rest of the world is looking on in horror and shame and fear.

That’s why nothing he did mattered. So many times things that he did would be catastrophic and disastrous for a candidate in an election year. It’s why so many things Donald Trump did were unprecedented for somebody running for president — yet they didn’t matter. From not releasing his tax returns to not turning over coherent medical records. It didn’t matter, repeatedly, as it baffled pundits, scholars, and the media. As the world watched on — part in horror and part in amusement. It didn’t matter because this election wasn’t about thinking; it wasn’t about sanity, common sense, or rational behavior. It was about emotions.  It was about how he made you feel.  You who are angry that we had a black president  — who created economic turnaround from the mess the white guy from Texas left us — for 8 years. You who were angry that gay people can get married.  You who are angry that you can’t kill an unnamed black man and nobody asks questions any longer in America. This isn’t about the country,  this is and always has been, about you.

America is stable;  she is steady. As we go, the world goes. We’re not supposed to fall apart or elect a man so stupid that he can’t even identify the Constitutional Amendments, or even correctly.answer the number of them.  The good thing is that Donald Trump doesn’t have much power as president. The bad part is that one of the powers he does have is the ability to negotiate and enter into treaties.

NATO is a treaty, Trump supporters.  Donald Trump has already stated he wants to pull us out of NATO — which is exactly what Putin wants. Why do you think Moscow was cheering the results of the American election while the rest of the world was mourning?  The only thing that  coaxes Vladimir Putin to pull back on his aspirations of taking over larger parts of the world is the fear of the American presence in NATO.

We already know that Donald Trump gets resources from Russia because he can’t get them from US lenders because of his financial track record. We just don’t know how much because he wouldn’t release his tax returns. We also know that if  there’s no America in NATO, there’s nothing to stop Russia from invading all the nations Putin sets his sights on surrounding Russia. You don’t wake up one day at 72 years old with Donald Trump’s money and resources and say that you suddenly want to be a force of good in the world and start by running for president. If someone with Donald Trump’s money wanted to start doing something good for America, it would begin with writing a check. Someone as gluttonous and self-indulgent and narcissistic as Donald Trump doesn’t want the stress of being president of the United States of America because he cares about you — it’s a job that ages you about 15 years in 4.  Donald Trump doesn’t need to be president for an ego boost — he gives himself one of those daily. No,  it’s got to be something more sinister than that. But for half of the campaign, I couldn’t figure out what it was.

And then there’s Russia. 

We know that they hacked emails to help elect Donald Trump. Why? Why would Russia want Donald Trump to be president? What would Donald Trump want out of Russia?

Because if there’s a Trump presidency and a president’s responsibilities include  negotiating treaties, and a president Trump can pull out of NATO, Putin can invade all the places like Crimea all he wants. What would Trump want out of Russia? Money. The same thing Donald Trump always wants — money.

Eastern Europe is looking on in horror and the rest of the world is terrified. Black people, gay people, transgender people, immigrants are frightened by the promise of a Trump Administration. Unlike your bogus Barack Obama fear  peddled for 8 years — “it was the end of the world;  he’s Satan or the Antichrist; he’s coming for your guns”  unlike that horseshit (we know what that’s all about, he was black), this fear is real. The hate, the rhetoric, the violence that Donald Trump has incited during this campaign is scary and it’s real — because we’ve seen that before in America. We’ve seen it in George Wallace; we’ve seen it with the KKK;  we’ve seen it for decades in America because that is our history as a people. So the fear that people have is very real. The fear that the rest of the world has knowing that an incompetent person who thinks he knows more than the generals is now in charge of the most powerful fighting force in the history of mankind, is very real. So do not, for one second,  come to me on my Facebook barring that Donald Trump “is a victory for America” bullshit.

Donald Trump is a victory for you, Mr. Angry White Man, that  probably makes under $55k a year — if I’m going to be honest .


Cultural Assimilation Is Real, Y’all.

I was in town with my windows down because my air is out and
it won’t stop being 90 degrees.  And I hear this thumping and bumping of, very distinctly, hip-hop music. I look over and it’s a Hickman County white girl driving an older white Chevy truck with George W Bush stickers all over it. Now, I’m the biggest liberal feminist you’ll likely find in these parts and I don’t listen to anything to Dolly Parton and Miranda Lambert. I find the language that is used towards women in hip hop music insulting. It’s the same reason I’m aggravated with the.Bro country — the degradation of women and their portrayal as lesser beings. Until we get to the day where men are not disappointed by the possibility of having daughters, we still have  ways to go. And these female come lately conservatives that further the fabrication that you can’t be a “feminist” and feminine, can thank women like me later when we get to that time. There may be some genres of music where you talk to women like that,  but in mine, we feed you black eyed peas and go for a ride.

This is all further proof of the truth behind cultural assimilation. White boys running around wearing the jersey of black men with Trump stickers on their car or the girl whose daddy tells her she can’t be anything other than Republican, pulls up red light, windows jumping to Drake.
Why is it okay for you to appreciate black culture, but not black lives?

Why is it okay for you to respect the athletic contributions of peole of color but then bend your brain beyond what any reasonable person would searching for a reason why a black man had to get shot?  Saying things like, “Well, he shouldn’t have ran though…” like your white ass did didn’t run from the lawevery time the blue lights showed up at a country keg party. 

I know, I was there. Remember?

Running around with a Confederate flag flying off your truck and a Roll Tide! sticker like the tide isn’t rolling on the backs of black man while you’re simultaneously supporting the cause of those who went to war to keep owning people of color is still — regardless of how often I see it —  nauseating.

I will never get used to this ridiculousness, white people.

And in his defense, George W Bush and.the Bush family doesn’t have a racist cell in their genetic makeup. They are upstanding, honorable, good-hearted people who I just happen to disagree with.

Stop stealing black people’s contributions, Trump voters, if you’re going to continue to see black lives as so gosh damn disposable.

Can I Not Go A Day Without Showing My Tail Towards White People?

If you are in town today, you probably noticed the truck hauling a truck parked sideways in the Marathon parking lot by the Popeye’s. The one flying the Confederate flag right by the road so everybody at the red light sees. With a sign advertising a yard sale or some crap. Just when I’m trying to keep my blood pressure down and de-stress, I have to go in Marathon and have one of my mini-Erin Brockovich moments.
I went in and asked the guy behind the counter if this was their parking lot or Popeyes. Ours, he says.

“Do you think it’s a wise business decision to allow someone to set up a hate symbol on your parking lot? Do black people not buy gas,” I asked. 

Because you can’t make this stuff up, there’s a black lady walking out the door and a black man walking up to the counter to buy cigarettes.

So I asked, “How do you feel about that flag, sir?”  He just shook his head and rolled his eyes… like, don’t get me in this I just need a pack of smokes and I’m used to this nonsense.

“We didn’t put it there,” the man said.

“Well, who did?” I asked.

“Don’t know,” he says.

“Here’s the thing, Bubba, if I wanted to look at the clothed emblem of those who went to war to continue treating black people like cattle, I’d jump back in time to 1862.  But lucky for me, we already fought one war for that gotdamn flag to be removed.  I don’t really feel like having it in my face at the red light on random freaking Friday in 2016. Is this getting through?”

The man starts rolling his eyes and and getting hateful. So I told him maybe I needed his supervisor. 

He huffs, “She’s gonna go get the manager.”

You do that, big boy.

The manager comes out. I told him I just came in to ask him if it was the practice of this store to  allow people to use their parking lot to showcase a hate symbol; was it routine practice to display white supremacy on its premises.

“You’ve only had 3 customers since I’ve been in here and two of them were African Americans,” I said.  “Don’t you find that a little callus?”

Why, I asked him, would you allow something that offensive in your parking lot when you clearly have no problem taking black people’s money. 

“That’s not us,”  he says. “They didn’t talk to us, that was there when we got here this morning, we don’t know who did it.  We just came in today it was parked there.”

I said,  “Well, if I’m a business owner and someone parks something without my permission on my property, I’m calling to have it towed. Are you not?”

“We give people 24 hours before we call a tow truck,” he said.

That’s generous, people have car trouble, but this is clearly parked longways, almost in the grass, right by the highway,  intentionally parked there showcasing their hate on your property, and in that “24 hours time” whatever inbred gathering they’re advertising will have come and gone, I explained.

See, unlike Jethro over there, I didn’t get my history from the back of a tshirt. So I know that THAT is the battle flag of Northern Virginia. And it is and always has been a racist hate symbol. It never once represented the Confederacy as a whole, it wasn’t the the ‘Stars and Stripes’ of the Confederacy, it never once stood as a symbol for the collective south– not now, not then.  So your argument that it represents the South is factually flawed, as that flag has always has been a hate symbol. So this is not an ordinary vehicle, and if I were in the position of managing a business, I would consider seriously whether or not I wanted something that violently grotesque displayed on the premises.

“Are you getting all this?” I asked.

“Well, right now it’s not in the way and we will give them 24 hours.”

“What you’re telling me is you don’t care,” I said.

“What I’m telling you is there’s nothing I can do,”  he said.

“You can call a tow truck,” I said.

“I will in 24 hours,” he responded.

Well, by then I will have told every black person in Dickson County that you’re an asshole and to buy their gas somewhere else.

See,  there is something  I can do.

This is 2016 and that flag is NOT okay. Read a REAL history book, dudes, not a license plate.

Why Are Chunks of White People Afraid To Teach The Truth?

Watching 60 minutes with Nate Parker as he talks about ‘The Birth of a Nation’ and how even though he grew up 30 minutes away from where Nat Turner’s revolt took place, he learned nothing about it in school. I think about how growing up 30 minutes from Nashville, we didn’t learn about the sit-ins. Not in my public schools. If that was taught in Tennessee History, I honestly don’t recall it. I remember Davy Crockett. I know the state bird. I don’t remember being taught what went on at Woolworth’s downtown.

Nashville was an instrumental part of the civil rights movement and we’re not taught that. Why?

You hear these parents in Texas talking about “revisionary” history when schools start painting an accurate portrait of the Civil War, so they change the textbook. I believe Dickson County is one of the best public school systems in the state, and yet we didn’t learn about the Civil Rights struggle that happened right down the road in Nashville, Tennessee. 

And I know, I had the good teachers. I was always in the honors, the advanced placement, the smart people classes. We didn’t learn it.

Which is why there’s a such thing as African-American history (which I would love to go back to school and major in, by the way).  Enraged white people get so angry over this concept when the reality is all of American history is white people history — because we’ve sanitized it. We have to teach separate courses for real, raw, accurate representation of what happened — and that’s wrong.

You can’t preach against “revising history” while we’re still leaving large parts of accurate history out of classroom recounting.  There are textbooks in Texas that lay claim to the Civil War being over everything other than what it was actually about. It’s hard for white people to pretend that there is no systemic bias in society when we don’t even tell the truth in our classrooms.

What are you so offended by, white people?  Your own history?

You Know What They Say, America? Once You Go Black…

It still baffles me that people blame the racial division in this country on the president. Because that makes more sense than the fact that racist white people had to watch a brown man become the leader of the Free World and they’re losing their ever-loving small minds over it.

Example: Best actor in Hollywood? Denzel Washington. Black.

Best sitcom on regular television? Blackish. Again, black.

Best television writer?  Shonda Rhimes, black.

Best pop star? Beyonce.  Black.

It was hard enough on the racists to make it through an unprecedented era where the best golfer was black. I mean, it was brutal, man! Tiger Woods was threatening to ruin the integrity of entire game with that fist pump.

And now? Sheesh!

The president? Uh, Black.

Attorney General of the United States? Black. Consecutively.

Sitting MVP of the NFL? That’s gotta be a quarterback — at least we got a white guy there, right? Cam Newton, black.

Current quarterback of the Crimson Tide — as in, state university of one of the two most racist states in the nation — black.

What’s the other?  Mississippi. Who just finished Dak PreScott under center.  Yep, black.

Gay marriage? Legal. Everywhere.

I’m sure it’s Obama and black people that are so angry though,  right?

* eye roll *

And now, they’re —  rage filled racist white people — just now figuring out that they can no longer kill a black man with a badge just because they feel like it and get away with it. And they’re madder than hell over that,  too.

That’s how you get a Donald Trump presidential candidacy, kids.

Recent polls show over 60% are “concerned” over Hillary’s handling of Iraq, Libya, Syria.

My response? At least she can locate those countries on a map! There’s only one characteristic or “qualification” of Donald Trump that appeals to his followers. And it’s his racist mouth.

Tell the truth, now…

Racist White Boys Love SEC Football, Though.

If you’ve seen the movie Selma, you know Ralph Abernathy as being portrayed as jailed with Dr King. They were jailed together 17 times in pursuit of equality during the Civil Rights Movement. If you know your American history, you know Mr. Abernathy was on the balcony in Memphis the night they killed Dr. King. He was Martin Luther King Jr’s best friend, his confidant, his right-hand man and his successor in many of Dr. King’s endeavors. Two seasons ago, two of  Ralph Abernathy’s grandsons come to play football at University of Tennessee. After the eldest graduated, we still have the pleasure of seeing his younger brother suit up and take the field for the University of Tennessee Volunteers. Of all the lectures I’ve given about
the ridiculousness of subscribing to Confederate causes and being a football fan, particularly a SEC football fan, the tackiness has intensified in its meaning. Spare me your Trump-inspired, conservative talking points “black on black” crime rhetoric. On the field for the Big Orange is a kid whose grandfather knew more about real life racism than you could possibly imagine. Don’t you dare enjoy his athletic contributions without showing some respect for his granddaddy’s cause. Because the struggle is not over.

No matter how much you want to deny it, it’s not over.

And don’t you dare cling to your racist, hyperbolic rants and then celebrate gridiron wins off the backs of kids whose grandfathers fought, marched, suffered, and prevailed right alongside the likes of men like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s common. And it angers me. Intensely so.

Clay Travis Has Become Donald Trump — Only More Intelligent, Less Wealthy

The ironic part about Clay Travis’ “black privilege”  verbal blowjob to white people is that everybody enjoying it thinks they have said ‘black friend’ and thereby aren’t racist.  It’s further interesting to learn that the only thing a white man can lose his job for is making racist comments. So get out and slap those ho, yo. It’s also interesting that the international code of conduct on a global stage should be reflective of the tolerance  your wife has for your single, drunken bro friends. It’s nice to know that as a woman who’s closer to forty than I am thirty and single without children, I can get away with behaving a lot more ridiculously than my friends that are married with children. Or does that only count if you have a penis?

Travis indulges in his own reverse “Free Carl Lee Haley!” moment just as he does any time the integrity or actions of a white athlete are questioned — by, like every good racist, using the go-to response of  “But look at black people!”  Alas he brings up the stupidity that is Draymond Green.  It’s  juvenile, it’s irrelevant, and it’s telling.  Given that it’s required curriculum in “How Not To Be a Racist 101” that’s generally completed by every educated white person who’s not a prick.  To compare the actions of athletes in the United Stated prior to the Olympic Games to those committed by athletes representing the United States on a global stage in a host country is representative of someone who just doesn’t get it.

And who probably never will.

Ryan Lochte did not get in trouble for pissing on a building. That said, is the blowback against and around Lochte a bit of an overkill?
 Yeah, it is.  But I, like many, initially defended Ryan Lochte because I couldn’t believe four Olympic athletes would make up  something so bizarre and extreme. Like being forced to the ground at gunpoint, having a cocked gun put your forehead, and being threatened with death while you say “whatever.”  I’m also not inclined to defend the actions of Brazil, or any country, that extorts money out of you to get your passport and travel rights back.

Like any good lawyer, Clay Travis leaves out the “undisputed facts” of the case that aren’t flattering to his side. During that “robbery,” he neglects to mention that there was a translator who told the swimmers what was going on — meaning being said — the entire time as they were being required to pay money to the gas station owners for vandalism. Whether that vandalism was real or imagined,  that — that they were being held accountable for what the gas station owner perceived as damages — was never in dispute. That was where Matt Lauer’s use of ‘negotiation’ was coming from. Also, they were asked if they would like to call the police, at which time the swimmers were adamant — pleading, even — that they did not want the police involved.

Hard to maintain that Lochte still thought this was a robbery.

And, be real white people, the bit about being pulled over in a car with police badges, being forced to the ground at gunpoint, with a loaded gun on your forehead while you nonchalantly exclaim,  “Whatever!” is a flat-out fabrication. It wasn’t an exaggeration. It wasn’t an overstatement.  It was a flat-out, dramatic intentional lie designed to make Lochte look like the hero caught up in the middle of a bad international sitcom.

It wasn’t about a 32-year-old athlete getting drunk. It wasn’t about pissing on the building. It wasn’t even about the poster that Lochte tore down, although I appreciate that, in an effort to enthusiastically defend his bro, Travis is sure to refer to it as “tattered.”  As if to say, that that perceived shithole — Brazil — could never  have anything nice enough for a white, male American to tear up.  I mean — we’re American!  You’re white, by God! You’re elite!

No wonder they have a hard time stomaching us. * eye  roll *

This is about a struggling nation that did their best to put on the Olympic Games — and they succeeded.  In spite of all the criticism and controversy. On a limited budget, and swimming in doubt, Brazil overcame unprecedented obstacles, rose to the occasion, and did a beautiful job. All the while being smirked at and look down upon by wealthier nations and their well-to-do citizens.

This is about the fact that crime is an everyday occurrence in Brazil, and that the world knows that. And if they didn’t, they had it brought to their attention in a big way when athletes were actually robbed at the Olympic Games. Brazil, painfully, knows this. Brazil knows the world knows this.

And now, we have an American exploiting that to save face and seek attention.  When the international perception of Americans is that we are spoiled,  self-indulgent, narcissist, entitled, ethnocentric, and rude. And to have the poster child for the kind of life that most Brazilians can’t fathom — hell,  most Americans can’t fathom —  then come along and tell the worst kind of lie you can tell on an already tortured, embarrassed, and sensitive country, one that’s trying to do their best to host Olympic Games, would be the equivalent of saying that O.J. tried to stab you, as far as narcissistic, ill-intended falsifications go.

The most extravagant, mean spirited, taunting kind of lie.

Not something that you joke or lie about. That was the kind of lie Lochte told. With remorse only for the fact that he’d lose sponsorships.

And now, the press back on Hope Solo coming from the same crowd. If the Soccer Federation had not suspended Hope Solo, we would have heard from the Ray Rice defenders just like the last time — those white bros still bitter because they couldn’t slap a woman and get away with it — when they perceived Hope Solo’s sentences was too lenient compared to her punished male counterparts.

About that #Love4GabbyUSA

I also found it difficult to believe that nobody Tweeted Clay Travis about Gabby Douglas.

Let me rephrase:  I don’t find it difficult to believe the nobody Tweeted Clay Travis about Gabby Douglas, I found it difficult to believe that he actually knows that. The tweets about Gabby Douglas were so prevalent that several media outlets wrote about it — a fact Travis even mentioned. How the hell do you think that they knew about them, or that Gabby knew about them to pressback in the first place?  Because the tweets, and the hate, were all over the internet. But yet,  Travis reminds us that he has two hundred thousand followers — as I was reminded in a comment on my blog about how only “10 people” read mine — and yet he knows that he never received one tweet about Gabby Douglas.

That may very well be true. But I had a run-in with about five persistent Twitter trolls recently, and I didn’t have time to read everything they sent me. I find it hard to believe that someone who is constantly telling us how many followers he has, how popular he is, and how much more important he is than his lowly readers  — people like me, (Thanks, Clay!) — and who is on Periscope constantly, doing everything he can to bring more media attention, money and relevance to himself, has the time to read everything that 200,000 followers send him every day, all week. If so, his wife must be extremely exhausted taking care of all 3 kids by herself. And Travis should bottle and sell that Lin-Manuel Miranda-type boundless, endless energy and enthusiasm. That’s some serious superhero shit.

“Black Privilege” Is Bullshit, Bro

Clay Travis mocks White Privilege while not only displaying the epitome of it, but swimming in it.
The whitemansplain is not only condescension, it’s a belief that any experience that is not your own is not reality. You don’t believe that people of color still face barriers, therefore they must not. You, a well-educated successful white man, don’t believe that the benefit of the doubt is extended to people simply on skin color, therefore it must not exist. You don’t believe that a writer could be thrilled that their child is allowed to celebrate a black athlete when there was a time in this country — not that long ago — that that wasn’t the case, therefore you publicly ridicule anybody who realizes how far we’ve come and celebrates it.  But, just for fuck’s sake, Clay — ask Kenny Chesney about his Condredge Holloway shirt. And the perception and reaction to a white kid in the seventies in East Tennessee wearing it to school. And how many people would not have allowed that #7 jersey to hang off their child’s back like Kenny’s mama did.

Maybe you didn’t experience racism in your life by white people, but I have. I still do.

Your experience is not the only one. And your perception, the way in which you view the world, is not the same as everyone else’s.  And — this might come as a shock to the white dude Bros — other people’s opinions matter.  And your willingness to demonstrate how they don’t, Clay Travis, simply because they’re not real to you, is the very definition of white privilege. That white males believe that any woman that you don’t agree with is a bitch who deserves to be publicly shamed and called so (Lena Dunham) or any person that is standing up for something you don’t believe in (the protesters at Missouri) are “fake protestor” idiots who deserve your ire — when the truth is maybe they just believe in a cause that you don’t. And, most importantly, anybody that gets embarrassed by someone chosen to represent the United States — whether it’s Hope Solo or Ryan Lochte — who acts like an international asshole is somehow a liberal or a PC Bro-maniac is somewhat insulting to those who simply believe that when you’re given the opportunity to represent your country in something like the Olympic Games, you probably shouldn’t act like an insufferable privileged drunken dick or a spoiled 8th grade brat. And in an attempt to turn something political that wasn’t for the sake of clickbait and financial gain for yourself,  you make the assumption that all conservatives or sports fans are racist assholes. Some conservatives know what white privilege is and actually believe that yes, it does exist —  but if not, you just gave them a great demonstration, Mr. Travis.

Appreciate that.

It’s also White Privilege that allows you to do what you do and to earn a decent living at it. Because I find it difficult to accept that a highly intelligent and educated man who admits he voted for Barack Obama twice, doesn’t understand what he’s doing when he suddenly,  very vocally advocates for “Conservative” high profile causes — such as defending Confederate memorabilia, loudly taking a conservative stance while talking down the “liberal media” (that doesn’t actually exist), and always shaming and attacking the immature actions of black athletes while loudly defending the ones of their white counterparts,  like Ryan Lochte or Hope Solo.  Of course Clay Travis knows what he’s doing. He’s simply riding that white privilege all the way to the bank by taking advantage of the hunger of resentful white sport fans for a spokesperson who gets how much it angers them that they can’t publicly say “n****r” anymore. As they watch their football coaches in states like Mississippi pushback on removing Confederate remnants from their state flag, you’ve paid attention and are cashing in. Well done, sir. 

My only concern as this bogus “black privilege”  article makes its way around the internet and racist rednecks are giving each other a virtual high-five, is how one continues to disrespect African-Americans and then work in the field dominated by such?

But see, white privilege doesn’t worry about this.

Because, after all, you’re white. And always right.

* sigh *

Happy eventual ass-kicking by a black man, sir. Be safe.



Candice Mathis


Candi is a lifelong reader, writer, Democrat, and kid keeper. She lives in Middle Tennessee and rants electronically coast to coast.